Fossboard strives itself on delivering high-quality handmade products for the guitarist who desires something a little different. The Fossboard’s all wood construction, rugged design and premium finish will ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Fossboard began back in 2014. I had recently discovered the delights of effects pedals and my hobby quickly developed into an all-consuming obsession, as I searched for the ultimate pedal chain. As my collection grew, so did my need to house my cherished boxes of noise. I scoured shops and online stores for pedalboards, but, ultimately, found the options uninspired and unworthy of my stompboxes. 

I wanted to offer guitarists an alternative to the run-of-the-mill steel constructed designs that littered venues countrywide. Furthermore, I wanted a design that complemented the brightly coloured pedals that would be gracing it. After some trial and error, the first Fossboard was officially born.

Since then, Fossboard proudly offered its services to Raygun FX, Stone Deaf Fx, Magnetic Effects, Fredric Effects and more. Furthermore, Fossboard has been featured in Music Industry News and on the Pro Tools Expert podcast. Now, in 2019, Fossboard is being relaunched and is ready to take to the stage.


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